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HI-Q Services

Complete Air Sampling System Design

Since 1973, HI-Q's engineering staff has designed and developed hundreds of Custom Air Sampling Systems. Among these custom units are Complete Solar Powered Air Sampling Stations, Complex Stack Sampling Systems and Customized Emergency Response Air Sampling Kits, HI-Q also designs Real-Time Radiation Monitoring Systems such as the EPA's RADNET monitor. HI-Q's relationship with VF now provides us with the capability to design and deliver radiation monitoring systems for nuclear facilities. Contact HI-Q to let our design experience work for you.

Stack ANSI/HPS N13.1-2011 Analysis and Testing

HI-Q performs stack sampling location qualification testing for the nuclear industry. This testing can be performed on scale models or in-situ, on full size stacks. For scale model testing, HI-Q designs, manufactures, and tests the scale models as required by the latest ANSI standard. For full size stacks, HI-Q provides the instrumentation and services to perform the testing in-situ. HI-Q also can recommend modifications to the stack sampling systems to satisfy the criteria for uniform and representative sampling locations. HI-Q also performs the transport efficiency analysis for the sample transport system from the sample extraction point to the filter collection media. Contact HI-Q for assistance in qualifying your stacks or ducts as required by ANSI/HPS N13.1.

Sampling and Monitoring System Maintenance and Repair Services

HI-Q provides maintenance and repair services for existing air sampling equipment. HI-Q also maintains, repairs, and calibrates the radiation monitoring equipment of our partner VF. Feel free to contact us about your maintenance and repair needs. Maintenance contracts are also available.

Recalibration & Recertification of Air Sampling Equipment

HI-Q offers Re-Calibration Services for air flow calibrators and air sampling instrumentation. HI-Q calibrates and certifies all units per ANSI/NCSL Z540 against a N.I.S.T. traceable laminar flow element and furnishes a certification of accuracy with each unit.  All Recalibrations & Certifications are performed under our ISO-9001:2000 Certified Quality Assurance Program.