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Air Sampling Products and Remote Monitoring Quality


HI-Q’s objective is to develop, produce, and deliver quality air sampling products that consistently meets the customer’s needs and requirements; specifically to deliver the right product, to the right place, at the right time, and at the right price.

See our ISO 9001 Certificate of Registration



HI-Q’s primary goal is to remain the leading supplier of air sampling equipment, systems, and air sampling accessories that fully comply with all contractual provisions and government regulatory specification requirements. This goal will be accomplished through innovative technology and superior customer responsiveness by applying and adhering to the following principles:

  1. Quality will be built into air sampling products from design through shipment to customers.

  2. Processes will be developed and controlled to prevent errors before they occur.

  3. Continuous improvement will be achieved by having an effective corrective and preventive action program that will address and eliminate causes and potential causes of nonconforming product.

  4. Trained, competent personnel are essential to the success of the company in the marketplace.

  5. Products will be shipped according to an agreed upon schedule and 100 % tested/inspected.


Marc A. Held
HI-Q Environmental Products Company
Registration #: CA –CERT-0027681 -1044057