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Radiation Monitors

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  • AGM-02 Gamma Area Monitor
  • MDG-0X Gamma Area Detector
  • LZJ-22 Local Display Unit
  • ASU-50 Local Alarm Unit


The RADNET monitor is equipped with an integrated dual detector that measures beta and gamma pacticulate isotopes deposited on a filter paper by means of a multi-processing technique. The beta detector is a rugged, ion-implanted, silicon detector with 600mm2 of sensitive surface area coupled to a charge pre-amplifier and processor-based MCA module that is able to detect and measure beta radiation. The gamma detector is a 2”x2” NaI(TI) detector with gain stabilization and automatic temperature control. The sodium iodide detector is coupled to a tubebase, charge preamplifier high voltage power supply and to a second MCA module. The local processing unit using serial interfaces communicates with the two MCA modules, the mass flow controller and the weather data logger. The detectors are coaxial with the silicon detector close to the filter paper, in front of the sodium iodide detector to enhance its beta sensitivity. The local processing unit manages all input and output functions and performs calculations for real-time radiation monitoring and sample flow control. Also serving functions for local and remote interfacing, the local processing unit performs auxiliary datalogging, processing, data backup,on-line and offline testing,and data communication(telemetry).

AGM-02 Gamma Area Monitor

The AGM-02 gamma area monitor is used to monitor gamma dose rate in a room. It can be used as either an independent radiation monitor or can be integrated into a system that monitors the radiation in several rooms of a building from a central location. It is a cost-effective solution that consists of a Geiger-Müller tube detector and integrated display. It measures the exposure rate, displays the measurement, and has visual and audible alarms. It also includes relay contact outputs for remote alarm status.

MDG-0X Gamma Area Detector

The MDG-0X series of Gamma Area Detectors are used to measure gamma exposure rates in an indoor or outdoor environment. These detectors can be used for measuring from natural background to one hundred R/hr. These detectors can be used with local display and alarm units as a stand-alone monitor or can be integrated into a system that can monitor the radiation in multiple locations from a central station.

LZJ-22 Local Display Unit

The LZJ-22 provides display of the AGM-02 Gamma Area Monitor and MDG-0X detector measurements and alarm status’. It can display the measurement of up to eight monitors/detectors and maintains the historical data and statuses for each monitor/detector. A user friendly touch screen display is used to modify basic measurement parameters. The LZJ-22 can be used as a stand-alone interface for multiple monitors/detectors or can be a data concentrator between the monitors/detectors and the central station.

ASU-50 Local Alarm Unit

The ASU-50 is a local visual and audible alarm unit that is used with the AGM-02 Gamma Area Monitor and the MDG-0X detector to provide full alarm capabilities for a single monitor/detector. The ASU-50 provides indication of the operating status of the monitor/detector, two visual alarm lamps, and an audible alarm horn with horn acknowledge button. The lamps can be illuminated by the lamp test button. The ASU-50 can be directly connected to a monitor/detector or can be connected to a LZJ-22 Local Display Unit for the display of the status of one monitor/detector.