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Portable High Volume Air Samplers

CF-1000BRL Series Brushless Blower Air Samplers

Brushless Blower Air SamplersThis Portable, Maintenance-Free, Variable Speed, High Volume, Brushless Blower Air Sampling System is ideal for continuous or intermittent sampling. The "CF-1000BRL" air sampler series have three flow ranges from which to choose.

CF-900 Series (NRTL) Brushed Blower Portable Air Samplers

Brushed Blower Portable Air SamplerThis Low-Cost/High-Performing Portable Air Sampling System is ideal for radioiodine and particulate grab & continuous duty air sampling. The CF-900 Series air samplers are packaged in rugged aluminum enclosures weighing less than 10 pounds. Its' light weight yet durable frame allows a single operator to transport, set up, and take a sample quickly in almost any conditions.

CF-970T Series Timer Controlled Portable Air Samplers

Timer Controlled Portable Air SamplersThe CF970T-Series Portable Air Samplers provide air sampling time ranges from 0.01 seconds to 9999 Hours. Time ranges and operating modes are selected by front panel programming.

TFIA (with options) Fixed Speed Portable Air Samplers

Fixed Speed Portable Air SamplersThis low cost pump is ideal for indoor or outdoor sampling of Air Pollutants such as Radioactive Particulate. The standard TFIA unit comes complete with a rotometer scaled up to 70 CFM and a 4" diameter filter holder assembly which accepts the "CF" series 8" x 10" paper only holders. TFIA options include: Motor Speed Control, N.I.S.T. Traceable Side Mounted Rotometer, Elapsed Timer, Tri-Pod, and TFIA Motor Mounting Plate.