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Filter Media for Air Samplers

Filter Paper: Glass Fiber, Cellulous & Carbon Impregnated

Environmental air sampling for particulate generally use two major types of filter paper collection media, Glass fiber and Cellulose. Carbon Impregnated filter paper is called out for in the determination of the presence of airborne Iodine.

Silver Impregnated Zeolite Cartridges: AGX-Series

The "AGX" Series, Silver impregnated Zeolite Cartridges contain a highly efficient inorganic adsorbent for the collection and removal of elemental and organic forms of radioactive Iodine. Laboratory test indicate that radioactive Xenon, Krypton, and other Noble Gases are not retained to any significant degree by Silver impregnated Zeolite cartridges (approximately 1/15,000th, or less, than that retained by activated Carbon). The media is nonflammable and operates at a very high efficiency at elevated temperatures. These cartridges are the preferred and specified type for use in post accident standby monitoring systems.

TEDA Impregnated Carbon Cartridges: TC, TCAL & TCGA-Series

TEDA (triethylene di-amine) impregnated Carbon filter media has a high affinity for the adsorption, chelation and retention of the various species of Iodine. The HI-Q Environmental Products Company manufactures a number of configurations of activated carbon cartridges to fit almost all industry standard cartridge holders.