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Combination Cartridge & Paper Holders

The following filter holders may be used for the collection of solid particulate on paper and/or volatile compounds in a filter cartridge taken from the air with either a high or low volume pump. In choosing the correct holder one needs to know the specific paper size (usually 2" or 47mm dia.), and a cartridge configuration. Cartridge configurations can be found under the Analytical Cartridge Section of this catalog. All HI-Q filter holders are machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum (unless otherwise specified) and anodized Black, Gold or Blue depending upon the filter media they accept. Add a "-SS" to unit model number for Stainless Steel holder construction.

MQD: Male Quick Disconnect MPT: Male Pipe Thread SPT: Straight Pipe Thread
FQD: Female Quick Disconnect FPT: Female Pipe Thread TPI: Threads Per Inch
Black Anodize: 2" Paper or TC-XX/AGX-2 Holder Gold Anodize: 47mm Paper or TCAL-XX/AGX-4 Holder Blue Anodize: TCGA-Series or AGX-10GA Holder


Open Faced, Combination Filter Paper & Cartridge Holder. Includes one 3/8" male quick disconnect.

Model Paper Cartridge
RVH-20 2" TC
RVH-25 47mm TC
RVH-30 2" TCAL
RVH-35 47mm TCAL
RVHGA-35 47mm TCGA


2", 47mm, & 4" dia. In-Line Adapter Cones, used to convert open faced filter holders to In-Line.

Model Paper Fitting
RVA-10 2" 3/8" FPT
RVA-15 47mm 3/8" FPT
RVA-102 4" 3/8" FPT
RVA-12 2" 3/4" FPT
RVA-13 47mm 3/4" FPT
RVA-16 2" 1" FPT
RVA-17 47mm 1" FPT


Complete, In-Line, Combination Paper & Cartridge Filter Holder Assembly. Includes one 3/8" male & female quick disconnect.

Model Paper Cartridge
ILFH-20 2" TC
ILFH-25 47mm TC
ILFH-27 47mm TCAL

Note: Specify Inlet size if other than 3/8" Female NPT.

Tandem Cartridge Holder

Insert this Tandem Cartridge Holder between the sections of any combination holder to create a multi cartridge sampling train.

Model Cartridge Type


Adapt Down from either 8" x 10" or 4" Dia. paper holders to 1½" Female SPT 11½ TPI.

Model Adapter Plates From/To
FHA-4CF 4" Dia./ 1.50" female SPT
FHA-810CF 8" x 10"/ 1.50" female SPT
FHA-90 4" dia. Paper Holder. Replaces paper nut on all combination style holders.


Open faced combination, cartridge & paper holder. Use with CF-Series Sampling Systems with a 1.50" Dia. female threaded 11.5 TPI intake.

Model Paper Cartridge
CFH-20 2" TC
CFH-25 47mm TC
CFH-30 2" TCAL
CFH-35 47mm TCAL