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Air Sampling and Monitoring Products

Air Flow Calibrators & Adapters

HI-Q Environmental Products Company manufactures a wide range of NIST traceable Air Flow Calibrators & In-Line Adapter Fittings.  From rugged steel constructed housings to precision machined venturi tubes, HI-Q’s line of air flow calibrators are the most durable & dependable calibration devices available.

Air Sampling Accessories

From Tripods to mount your air sampling equipment to Portable Power Supplies, HI-Q has the accessories in stock to complete your air sampling system.  Do you need a hand full of custom hose fittings to complete your sampling train? HI-Q has your parts!  Feel free to give us a call if you can’t find what you are looking for.  Let our 34 years of air sampler experience work for you.

Battery & Solar Powered Air Sampling

Since 1973 HI-Q Environmental Products Company's engineering staff has designed and developed hundreds of "Custom, Turn-Key" Air Sampling Systems. Among these custom units are Complete Solar Powered Air Sampling Systems, which require Low Amp Draw, DC driven Battery Operated Air Samplers. Let HI-Q's experience work for you.

Continuous Duty Air Samplers

HI-Q's Continuous Duty Air Sampling Systems allow for mobile or fixed location continuous duty/constant flow rate air samples at operator pre-set flow rates. These complete sampling systems are commonly used as the primary air mover for gas/particulate collection and/or real time air monitoring.

Filter Holders

HI-Q has an extremely wide range of combination & paper-only filter holders.  HI-Q’s filter holders are used for the collection of solid particulate on paper and/or volatile compounds in a filter cartridge taken from the air with either a high or low volume pump.  HI-Q stocks everything from 8” x 10” open-faced paper-only filter holders to In-Line combination Paper & Cartridge holders.  Feel free to give us a call if you can’t find what you are looking for. 

Filter Media for Air Samplers

Carbon & Silver Zeolite Cartridges:  HI-Q manufacturers all of its cartridges under an  ISO 9001:2000 Certified quality assurance program. In addition to our strickt Quality Assurance Program, HI-Q specifically has each individual lot of carbon and silver zeolite, from which the individual cartridges are made, randomly tested and certified by an independent testing laboratory at multiple sample flow rate points through the most common geometry of cartridges utilized in the nuclear industry. The Lot-Specific test results are included with each customer order.

Filter Paper for Air Sampling:  HI-Q stocks a very wide range of high-efficiency filter paper used in the collection of particulate. HI-Q supplies custom punched sizes from 25 mm diameter all the way up to 24” x 24” sheets in media ranging from Glass Fiber to Cellulose.

Outdoor High Volume Air Samplers

HI-Q’s complete line of Outdoor High Volume Air Samplers are housed in clear-anodized aluminum outdoor shelters. These TSP-Series Samplers incorporate a maintenance-free, two or three stage centrifugal blower powered by either brushed or brushless variable speed, maintenance-free motors. The volumetric flow rate is controlled either manually or automatically by an electronic mass flow sensor that detects changes in the operators pre-set flow rate caused by changes in temperature, barometric pressure, and pressure drop due to dust loading on filter media. Don’t forget to check out our line of size selective particulate inlets and brushless blower retrofit kits.

Portable High Volume Air Samplers

HI-Q’s line of Portable Air Sampling Systems are ideal for radioiodine and particulate grab & continuous duty air sampling. The light weight CF-Series air samplers are packaged in rugged aluminum enclosures weighing less than 10 pounds each. Their light weight yet durable frame allows a single operator to transport, set up, and take a sample quickly in almost any conditions. Order the unit which best fits your needs….

Replacement & Spare Parts List For Air Samplers

Need spare parts or rebuild kits for an air sampler?  Follow the following links to a spare parts list for all cataloged products.

Size Selective Particulate Sampling Inlets

HI-Q’s line of Size Selective Inlets sample suspended particulate in the air at a flow rates from as low as 16 LPM to as high as 40 CFM. The air is accelerated through multiple internal nozzles toward a greased collection plate. Due to momentum, the larger particles cannot negotiate the air stream turn, thereby colliding and adhering to the collection plate. By calculating and adjusting flow rate and stopping distances, smaller particles can be carried through and collected on pre-weighed filter paper for analysis.

Stack & Fume Hood Sampling

HI-Q's product line includes complete stack sampling systems, consisting of a specified type of probe, in-line filter holder, the transport line, sampling pump and flow controller. We recommend, design, and supply complete systems. HI-Q is able to make stack-sampling system design suggestions by receiving your sampling requirements and operating conditions.


Air Monitoring Services

HI-Q offers a calibration and re-certification service for air flow calibrators and air sampling instrumentation. HI-Q calibrates and certifies units against a N.I.S.T. traceable laminar flow element and furnishes a certification of accuracy with each unit.  HI-Q also offers complete repair & retrofitting services for your existing air sampling equipment, systems or accessories.  Feel free to call or write for a quote on the repair or retrofitting of any of your existing air sampling equipment, systems or accessories. Maintenance & Design Service Contracts Available.


Health Physics and Radiation Measurement Instruments

The PAM series of portable meters are compact, lightweight, hand-held instruments used to measure surface contamination from alpha, beta, and gamma activity. Low maintenance scintillation detectors are used to measure the contamination. Dual phosphor detectors with electronics are available for discrimination of alpha from beta activity.
  • PAM Series of Portable Activity Meters
  • FCM-02 Contamination Monitor
  • SKDP Series of Small Item Contamination Monitor
  • MK-30 Sample Analysis Monitoring Chamber
  • Hand/Foot Contamination Monitors
  • FloorScan Series of Floor Contamination Monitors


Radiation Monitors

The RADNET monitor is equipped with an integrated dual detector that measures beta and gamma pacticulate isotopes deposited on a filter paper by means of a multi-processing technique. The beta detector is a rugged, ion-implanted, silicon detector with 600mm2 of sensitive surface area coupled to a charge pre-amplifier and processor-based MCA module that is able to detect and measure beta radiation. The gamma detector is a 2”x2” NaI(TI) detector with gain stabilization and automatic temperature control. The sodium iodide detector is coupled to a tubebase, charge preamplifier high voltage power supply and to a second MCA module. The local processing unit using serial interfaces communicates with the two MCA modules, the mass flow controller and the weather data logger. The detectors are coaxial with the silicon detector close to the filter paper, in front of the sodium iodide detector to enhance its beta sensitivity. The local processing unit manages all input and output functions and performs calculations for real-time radiation monitoring and sample flow control. Also serving functions for local and remote interfacing, the local processing unit performs auxiliary datalogging, processing, data backup,on-line and offline testing,and data communication(telemetry).
  • AGM-02 Gamma Area Monitor
  • MDG-0X gamma area detector
  • LZJ-22 Local Display Unit
  • ASU-50 Local Alarm Unit