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VS23-Series: Continuous Duty, Constant Flow Air Samplers

Continuous Duty, Constant Flow Air Sampling Systems

The VS-Series Air Sampling Systems can be either incorporated as the primary vacuum source in air monitoring instrumentation or used in conjunction with filter holders and filter media for the collection of particulate and/or gaseous constituents. The systems are furnished complete with a shock mounted base motor/pump, carrying handle, heavy duty constant air flow control valve (MCV-260 or MCV-22), venturi flow meter, exhaust muffler, 6 foot grounded power cord, and a 3/8" female quick disconnect for easy filter holder and sample line replacement. All rotary vane motor/pumps have automatic overload cut off and are warranted for one year after purchase.

  • Automatic Flow Control Valve
  • Continuous Duty/Constant Flow
  • Longer Vane Life
  • "Lubricated for Life" Bearings
  • N.I.S.T. Traceable Flow Meter
  • Flow Ranges of 0.1 - 9.0 CFM
Air Mover Oilless, Rotary Vane, Vacuum Pump with 1/6, 1/4, or 3/4 HP, 115 or 230 VAC, Shock Mounted Motor.
Control Valve
Mechanical, Heavy Duty, Automatic Flow Control Valve. This valve controls the air flow rate to ±5% of the operator set flow rate.
Control Valve
Mechanical, Heavy Duty, Differential Type Automatic Flow Controller. Maintains operator pre-set flow rate within 5%.
Timer Option Optional, see Elapsed Timer Options.
Filter Holders See Filter Holders For Air Sampling, "RV-Series"
Filter Cartridges See Analytical Cartridges
Filter Paper See Filter Paper For Air Sampling
Air Flow Calibrator See Air Flow Calibrators
Replacement Pumps/Kits See Replacement Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps & Service Kits in the "Air Sampling Accessories" section of this catalog.

Ordering Information

Model Number
Net Wt. Lbs. Power VAC Motor (HP) RPM
50/60 Hz
Max. Vac. Max LPM
(open air)
(open air)
LFRRVS-0211-CRNV-25 21 lbs. 115 1/6 HP NA/1725 20" Hg 22 LPM 0.78 CFM
VS23-0523CV 35 lbs. 115/230 1/4 1425/1725 26" Hg 127 LPM 4.5 CFM
VS23-1023CV 55 lbs. 115/230 3/4 1425/1725 26" Hg 255 LPM 9.0 CFM
VS-Series Air Sampler Options


Elapsed, Electronic, Resettable Minute Timer with Mounting Bracket. 6-Digit, Minutes & Tenths of Minutes Display.


Elapsed, Electronic, Resettable, Hour Timer with Mounting Bracket. 6-Digit, Hours & Tenths of Hours Display.


115 VAC Vacuum Activated Elapsed, Resettable Electronic Timer in Hours & Tenths of Hours with Mounting Bracket & 3/8" MNPT inlet/outlet.


Hard Mounted 0"-30" Hg Vacuum Gauge.


In-Line ON/OFF Power Switch with fuse protection.