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MASS: Mass Flow Controlled Continuous Duty Samplers

Mobile Air Sampling Station, High & Low Flow Sampling

HI-Q's Mobile Air Sampling Station can be supplied with controllable flow rates from as little as 2 SCCM up to, as high as 200 SLPM. The unit can be equipped as either a single or dual flow air sampling system - you make the call. Have an existing Stack Flow Rate Monitor? HI-Q's MASS Unit can easily be linked together with an existing stack-flow monitor to achieve real-time Iso-Kinetic stack sampling or HI-Q can supply the MASS unit complete with its own stack flow monitor built in. The MASS unit can be supplied with fittings for stack sampling or equipped with a set-height "Giraffe Neck" type head for sampling breathing-level ambient air. Need Real Time Monitoring? HI-Q can supply the MASS Unit with "vendor-preferred" Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Iodine, and/or Tritium real-time monitors incorporated into the complete system.

  • All-In-One Enclosure!
  • Protocol Sampling For Particulate, Iodine, CO2, SO2 & Tritium
  • Dual Mass Flow Controllers, High and/or Low Flow
  • Separate Flow Rate & Total Volume Displays For Each Sample Line
  • Individual Sample Line Elapsed Time Indicator Display 

The high flow system is primarily used to collect particulate and/or pull air samples through carbon or silver impregnated zeolite cartridges for the assay of radioiodine. The high flow system may also be used for pulling sample air through noble gas, alpha, beta and/or gamma radiation real time monitors. The low flow system can be supplied with glassware sampling train mounted inside the cabinet which can be used for many types of bubbler and/or silica gel column collection methods. 

  • ISO-Kinetic Stack Sampling Option
  • Available As Mobile Cart Or Fixed Location
  • Real Time Monitoring Options
  • Custom Configurations Available
Standard MASS System, Technical Description
Flow Measure/Control Mass flow meter/controllers Accuracy: ± 1.0% of F.S.
Housing NEMA12, Steel with dip bath primed/powder coated finish
Flow & Total Vol. Display 0.56" LED with Rate, Min., Max., and Total display.
Elapsed Timer Electronic, resettable hours & tenths, LCD read out
Pump Rotary vane or other as req'd
Unit Weight Approx. 160 lbs.
Shipping Weight Approx. 200 lbs.

Ordering Information

Mobile, Single Flow Measurement And Control Air Sampling System. See standard mass system, technical description.

Add "Option #" to "Order Number" above to customize your system. I.E. Order: MASS-DUAL-ISO for a complete dual flow, Iso-Kinetic MASS system.
-DUAL Unit with two, individual, flow measurement and
control systems.
-F Fixed location system. Includes mounting plinth and
-ISO Iso-Kinetic option. Includes single point probe, rate/
total display, Iso-Kinetic control circuit.
-GL Glassware option. Includes 490 ml column and set
of two 500 ml bubblers hard mounted inside cabinet.
-S Special. RS232, RS485, Printer, Back-up Pump,
Analog Output, Real Time Monitor Connections,
Special Cabinet Configurations, Alarm Contacts,
and other options are available.