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Continuous Duty Air Samplers

Cabinet Mounted Continuous Duty Air Samplers,  CMP-Series:

HI-Q's CMP-Series air sampling systems allow for continuous duty/constant flow rate air samples at operator pre-set flow rates. These continuous duty, constant flow, self contained air sampling systems are commonly used as the primary air mover for gas/particulate collection and/or real time air monitoring.

Low Flow Continuous Duty Air Samplers, LF-Series:

With a continually increasing demand, HI-Q  has developed a new line of low flow, low cost, manual flow control air sampling systems. HI-Q has configured this line of complete air sampling systems with flow ranges from 5-CCM to 50-LPM.

MASS: Mass Flow Controlled Continuous Duty Air Samplers

HI-Q's Mobile Air Sampling Station can be supplied with controllable flow rates from as little as 2 SCCM up to, as high as 200 SLPM. The unit can be equipped as either a single or dual flow sampling system - you make the call. Have an existing Stack Flow Rate Monitor? HI-Q's MASS Unit can easily be linked together with an existing stack-flow monitor to achieve real-time Iso-Kinetic stack sampling or HI-Q can supply the MASS unit complete with its own stack flow monitor built in.

Mobile Cart, Giraffe/Goose Neck Air Samplers, MRV-Series:

This "Golf Cart" type unit can be used for the assay of both particulates and gaseous radioiodine. Its telescoping "Goose Neck" allows for industry standard breathing zone air sampling. There is a 3/8" female Quick Disconnect fitting at the sampling inlet which accepts all "RV" series filter holders.

Outdoor, Mobile, Continuous Duty Air Samplers, PSU-Series:

This extremely popular, outdoor rated continuous duty air sampling system is intended for secure outdoor ambient particulate and/or gaseous air sampling. The pump, control valve, and control panel are all hard mounted in a heavy gauge TIG welded aluminum, fully lockable, fan cooled, weather proof enclosure. The control panel houses the power switch, fuse protection, resettable electronic timer and either an analog or digital flow display. The telescoping air sampling inlets are adjustable in height to allow for breathing zone air sampling.

Continuous Duty, Constant Flow Air Samplers, VS23-Series:

The VS-Series Air Sampling Systems can be either incorporated as the primary vacuum source in air monitoring instrumentation or used in conjunction with filter holders and filter media for the collection of particulate and/or gaseous constituents. The systems are furnished complete with a shock mounted base motor/pump, carrying handle, heavy duty constant air flow control valve (MCV-260 or MCV-22), venturi flow meter, exhaust muffler, 6 foot grounded power cord, and a 3/8" female quick disconnect for easy filter holder and sample line replacement.