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Mechanical, Heavy Duty, Automatic Air Flow Control Valves

MCV-260 Mechanical, Heavy Duty, Automatic Flow Control Valve

Flow Control Valve
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This valve will control the air flow rate to ±5% of the set flow rate over a wide pressure differential. It is the best commercially available mechanical vacuum flow controller.  The unit operates by use of two diametrically opposed springs and a diaphragm that controls the valve opening. Depending upon pump capacity, flows between 0.5 to 10 CFM can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the spring tension with a wing nut found under the protective spring cover housing. Once set, the control valve will maintain a constant flow, ±5%, up to the capacity of the pump. This valve is a full Flow Controller not a “Flow Regulator” or adjustable orifice commonly found in the industry. Because the MCV-260 uses no make up air, nor “bleed-in” air to control the flow rate, the total volume of air sampled equals the total volume of air exhausted. This is ideal for applications requiring a Gas Meter to be hooked up to the exhaust (pressure application) of the sampler for totalizing the volume of air sampled.

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Mechanical Heavy Duty Automatic Flow Control Valve (3/8" Female NPT Inlet/Outlet).


Rebuild Kit: Replacement Buna “N” diaphragm and “O” Ring.


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