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Instrument Weather Houses & Accessories

WH-36 & WH-40

Instrument Weather House

HI-Q's Instrument Weather House with its heavy gauge, primed and painted, aluminum body is ideal for protecting instruments from harsh outdoor sampling environments. The WH-36 & 40 series Instrument Weather Houses conveniently house and protect air sampling and other instrumentation. Two, large, 14" x 26" heavy duty piano hinged access doors allow an operator to conveniently mount and maintain instrumentation and equipment. Both access doors may be closed with twist pins and then secured with a padlock.

Main Specifications
Color Choices

Metallic Blue


Overall Dimensions (w/ Standard Legs) 48" Tall x 26" Deep x 32" Wide
Overall Dimensions (w/ Extended Legs) 67" Tall x 26" Deep x 32" Wide
Overall Cabinet Dimensions (w/o legs) 24" Tall x 26" Deep x 32" Wide
Assembled Weight (w/ Standard Legs) 42 pounds (WH-36) & 45 pounds (WH-40)
Material- House/Doors 0.09" Sheet Aluminum
Standard Legs (Welded U-Frame Set) 30" Tall 1.5" x 1.5" (0.90" Aluminum)
Extended Legs
(Welded U-Frame Set w/ Cross Braces)
49" Tall x 1.75" x 1.75" (0.125" Aluminum)
Access Doors Two doors, one on each long side mounted on heavy duty piano hinges giving full 26" wide x14" tall free access from both sides of the house.
Security Double thumb-twist locks with pad lockable hasp on each access door.
Material Finishing Material is acid wash primed and then painted with 2-component, high solid polyurethane paint with a bake finish.
Color Options Stocked Colors are White & Metallic Blue. Other Custom colors are available upon request.

Ordering Information


Standard Instrument Weather House.


Instrument Weather House with Internal Screens & Louvers. The WH-40's internal screened louvers are removable for easy cleaning. The counter mounting of the internal louvers prevents rain or snow from blowing directly into the housing and onto instrumentation.


All accessories are mounted free of charge when ordered with instrument weather house.


Snap Disc Thermostat Switch. Turns on Axial fan at 100°F and Off at 90°F


Power outlet with mounting bracket, 16/3 grounded wire, 5 outlets, 15 Amp breaker.


Axial Fan, 110V, 50/60 Hz., 100 CFM free air capacity, mounts in the apex of weather house roof. Removes excess heat generated by pumps or sun.


Extended Legs, elevates weather house to 67" above the ground (to peak).


Stainless Steel Gooseneck assembly, 3/8" NPT inlet/outlet. Allows operator to sample at EPA designated breathing levels by mounting the filter holder assembly externally 59" above the ground. Custom tubing lengths available.


Replacement 6" x 10" Internal screen & louver set (3 set louvered door).


Lamp outlet with pull chain. Used for lighting or a heat lamp.


Rain & Wind Shield for filter holders externally mounted on gooseneck. Includes 3/8" male & female quick disconnect for easy installation. Rain & Wind Shield is shown attached to upper half of HI-Q's standard "Gooseneck" assembly, P/N: WH-GN.