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Air Sampling Accessories

12/24 VDC Portable Power Source

This selectable 12/24 Volt DC Portable Power Source is an excellent source of power for emergency response or routine remote site VDC powered air samplers.

Custom Mobile Air Sampling & Equipment Carts

HI-Q Environmental Products Company's Custom Mobile Air Sampling & Equipment Carts have proven to be industry leaders. From the heavy-duty design of the MRV0523CV-ALPHA used primarily to support ALPHA CAM's, to the telescoping equipment platform of the MSC-PLSTC used primarily for the transport of complete battery operated air sampling systems.

Dry Gas Totaling Meters

HI-Q offers a wide range of dry gas totaling meters which, when incorporated in an air sampling system, are an excellent source for recording the total volume of air sampled.

Equipment Lab Jack

HI-Q's adjustable height lab jack can be used in supporting & elevating air sampling equipment and calibration devices with an extension range between 3½" to 14". The LABJACK's sturdy frame can support equipment weighing up to 45 lbs. on its 6¼" x 7½" platform.

Instrument Weather Houses & Accessories

HI-Q's Instrument Weather House with its heavy gauge, primed and painted, aluminum body is ideal for protecting instruments from harsh outdoor sampling environments. The WH-36 & 40 series Instrument Weather Houses conveniently house and protect air sampling and other instrumentation.

Mechanical, Heavy Duty, Automatic Flow Control Valves

Mechanical, Heavy Duty, Automatic Flow Control Valve

This valve will control the air flow rate to ±5% of the set flow rate over a wide pressure differential. It is the best commercially available mechanical vacuum flow controller.

Quick Disconnect & Hose Fittings

The following Quick Disconnect Couplings and Hose Barbs are for "RV" Series Holders and Sampling Systems. HI-Q stocks male & female Stainless Steel and Brass Quick Disconnect fittings for all 3/8" fitting combinations, and more.....

Sample & Return Exhaust Lines

Many air sampling procedures call for remote site sampling where the vacuum source (air sampling pump) cannot be conveniently located in the same area where sampling is required. This may be due to a variety of reasons including explosive sampling environments, inaccessibility, and noise level restrictions. For this reason, HI-Q has developed two types of sample retrieval and exhaust lines.

Sample Saver Covers for Filter Holders

Anti-Static plastic cover for HI-Q combination cartridge & filter paper holders. Ideal for transporting filter holders to and from the field & laboratory without cross-contamination or particle loss. Fits all HI-Q open faced, combination type, filter holders.

Tripods for Air Sampling

HI-Q's TR-1, TR-1000B, & TR-2000A are Light, Medium, & Heavy Duty Air Sampling & Equipment Tripods capable of extended sampling heights over 58 inches. All three of HI-Q's TR-Series tripods include a 9" x 10¼" x ¼" black anodized aluminum instrument mounting plate. The mounting plate comes with a series of pre-punched hole configurations to fit a variety of commercially available air samplers.