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V-FLO-Series: In-Line Venturi Flow Meters

Air Flow Measuring Unit

The V-FLO-XX series units incorporate a flowmeter and a precision-machined venturi tube to create a pressure differential across a fixed orifice which floats the indicating ball in the flowmeter. By varying the flow velocities, the pressure differentials are measured & recorded against a laminar flow element whose calibration is certified and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.). The recorded volumetric flow units are then marked directly on the attached flowmeter scale. HI-Q's V-FLO models are accurate within ±5% of full scale reading. The standard V-FLO-XX body is six inches long and threaded on both ends with 3/8" female NPT. The complete unit includes one male (outlet) & one female (inlet) 3/8" quick disconnect fitting. The V-FLO-XX, venturi flow meters are intended for in-line use.

Ordering Information

Order LPM  Calibration Range
V-FLO-30 2 TO 30 SLPM @ STP
V-FL0-50 2 TO 50 SLPM @ STP
V-FLO-70 5 TO 70 SLPM @ STP
V-FLO-90 10 TO 90 SLPM @ STP
V-FLO-115 15 TO 115 SLPM @ STP
Order LPM  Calibration Range
V-FLO-2 2 TO 30 SLPM @ STP
V-FLO-4 0.5 TO 4.0 SCFM @ STP
V-FLO-6 1.0 TO 6.0 SCFM @ STP
V-FLO-8 2.0 TO 8.0 SCFM @ STP
V-FLO-10 2.0 TO 10 SCFM @ STP

On custom units replace "XX" with the uppermost desired flow rate. If a dual scale reading is required (i.e. both CFM & LPM displayed on one scale) add the letters "DSC" to the end of the model number (e.g. order: V-FLO-5-DSC for 1-5 CFM & 28-140 LPM marked scale).

Note: Larger Flow meters with expanded scales are available.