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Air Flow Calibrators & Adapters

Adaptors for In-Line Calibration

The most accurate calibration assembly train should include the actual filter holder & filter media used during sampling in order to duplicate realistic pressure drops experienced in a true sampling environment. The following adapters allow a technician to connect an Air Flow Calibrator at the end of an "In-Line" High, Medium or Low Volume Air Sampling calibration set up.

AFC-COMPLETE-Series: Digital Display with Selectable Options

HI-Q's AFC-COMPLETE, digital air-flow calibrator, is "the field technicians first choice" when it comes to air-flow calibration. This microprocessor based air-flow calibrator incorporates the use of a differential pressure sensor, a precision thermistor, an absolute barometric pressure sensor, and a precision machined venturi tube, to measure and calculate instantaneous flow rate in either CFM*, LPM*, or CMM*, air temperature in either ºF or ºC, and Barometric Pressure in either Inches of Hg or mmHg. * "STP" may be selected for volumetric unit correction to Standard Temperature & Pressure.  *** This Calibrator has been replaced by HI-Q's D-AFC-Series Calibrators ***

AFC-DIGITAL-Series: Digital Display with Flow Totalization

Digital style AFC units house an LED display
which employs advanced technology for stable, drift free, readout while incorporating features that provide flexibility now and in the future with Plug-in option cards available for alarm contacts, analog output, and serial communication. The AFC-DIGITAL's Rate/Total display indicates air flow rate in Actual Cubic Feet per Minute (ACFM) and displays total volume sampled in Actual Cubic Feet (ACF).

AFC-Series: Analog Style Calibrators

Analog style AFC units house a Magnehelic® differential pressure gage, whose relative volumetric flow rate units are transferred onto a direct reading scale. A reflective tape on the scale, behind the analog needle, reduces parallax error. Overall accuracy on analog AFC units is better than +/- 5%.

D-AFC-Series: Digital w/ Communication Options

HI-Q's D-AFC- Series microprocessor based air flow calibrators are useds to measure, record, & display instantaneous flow rate (i.e.: CFM, LPM, or CMH), temperature (degrees C or F), and barometric pressure ("Hg or mm Hg). Through onboard calculations the user may also select to display the flow rate or total volume in "Standard Units" (ie: SCFM, SLPM, SCMH or SCF, SL, SCM). The total volume of air sampled is displayed (re-settable) in standard and actual units. The processor also has an internal memory that can be programmed for logging and time stamping the instantaneous flow rate, barometric pressure, and temperature.

HFC-Series: Digital & Analog Style High Volume Calibrators

The HFC-Series, HI-Volume Air Flow Calibrators, have eliminated the need for cumbersome orifice plates and water manometers. The HFC-XXC series units utilize a precision machined Venturi tube coupled with a pressure differential gauge giving a direct reading in the volumetric units of your choice (i.e. SCFM @ stp) .

V-FLO-Series: In-Line Venturi Flow Meters

The V-FLO-XX series units incorporate a flowmeter and a precision-machined venturi tube to create a pressure differential across a fixed orifice which floats the indicating ball in the flowmeter. The complete unit includes one male (outlet) & one female (inlet) 3/8" quick disconnect fitting. The V-FLO-XX, venturi flow meters are intended for in-line use.