HI-Q Environmental Products Company, Inc. and VF, a.s. Announce the Award of Radiation Monitoring System Contract by Energy Northwest – January, 2014

HI-Q Environmental Products Company, Inc. (HI-Q) and VF, a.s. (VF) have been awarded the contract to design and manufacture the replacement plant vent stack radiation monitoring system for the Columbia Generating Station near Richland, WA.

Energy Northwest selected the team of HI-Q and VF over several other radiation monitoring equipment suppliers for this project. Marc Held, the President of HI-Q stated that "The contract awarded by Energy Northwest to the HI-Q & VF team is yet another significant step toward the successful application of flexible, world-wide solutions in radiation monitoring and protection systems to the nuclear industry.”.

The plant vent stack radiation monitor provides the measurement of releases from the plant vent during both normal and post-accident plant operating conditions. The Regulatory Guide 1.97 qualified design consists of a measurement and sampling system for noble gas, particulate, and iodine radioactive isotopes.

A bypass system provides improved sampling transport efficiency of particulate and iodine radioactive isotopes during the post-accident operating condition. The replacement of the post-accident particulate and iodine sample housing is remotely assisted thus minimizing the exposure of plant personnel to high levels of radiation. These design features enhance the accuracy of measurements during the critical post-accident period of plant operation and maintain exposures to ionizing radiation as far below the plant dose limits as practical (ALARA).

In addition to the design and manufacturing of the radiation monitoring system, the contract includes installation and start up support, site acceptance testing, and training for Energy Northwest personnel. HI-Q will maintain a stock of critical spare parts at HI-Q's San Diego facility for overnight shipment to the Columbia Generating Station.

HI-Q Environmental Products Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of environmental and stack air sampling equipment and systems in the United States.

VF, a.s. is a world-wide major manufacturer of process and area radiation monitoring equipment and health physics and radiation protection instrumentation.

For more information on HI-Q, please visit www.hi-q.net and for more information on VF, please visit www.vf.eu

Contact: Marc Held, telephone: 858-549-2820, email: marc@hi-q.net