HI-Q Environmental Products Company, Inc., Awarded Contract to Perform ANSI N13.1-2011 Testing and Analysis for the Columbia Generating Station Effluent Stack and Sampling System

SAN DIEGO, CA, August 28, 2012 -- HI-Q Environmental Products Company, Inc., has received a contract from Energy Northwest to perform ANSI N13.1-1999/2011 testing and analysis for the Columbia Generating Station Effluent Stack and associated sampling systems. The overall scope of work includes the manufacturing of the Effluent Stack scale model at HI-Q's facility and performing the testing needed to qualify the proposed sample extraction location in the stack. Other tasks include the particulate and iodine transport efficiency analysis for the sample transport system.

This contract represents the first time that ANSI N13.1-1999/2011 qualification testing and analysis has been performed on an operating commercial nuclear power plant effluent stack. HI-Q's knowledge of the air sampling needs of the nuclear industry will provide our customer base not only the equipment needed for stack sampling but the testing needed to verify that the sample location will provide samples that are well mixed and representative of the air in the stack.

HI-Q Environmental Products Company, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified designer/manufacturer that has been providing air sampling equipment, systems and services to the nuclear and environmental monitoring industries for over 40 years. HI-Q also offers a complete line of health physics and radiation monitoring instrumentation through our exclusive agreement with VF, a.s. Our product line ranges from complex ambient air sampling stations to complete stack sampling systems with the capability to test duct and vent stacks per the recommendations of ANSI N13.1-1999/2011. For more information, visit Hi-Q.net.